What to Expect From a Hurricane Damage Restoration Contractor

Florida is a beautiful state, but it is prone to hurricanes. In Lakeland hurricane damage cleanup is often a frequent occurrence, so it’s a good idea to have a company in mind that can provide this service prior to the next big storm. Read on to find out what kind of services for Water damage restoration Lakeland residents should expect to receive.

Water Cleanup

The first step a Lakeland storm damage service will take is to remove any lingering water. This step must be taken within 24 to 48 hours to prevent lasting water damage and often requires specialized equipment such as sump pumps, wet-vacuums, dehumidifiers, industrial fans, and heaters. Specialized water damage remediation companies have access to all of the equipment they need to make short work of this phase of cleanup.

Dealing With Water-Saturated Building Materials

Many of the materials used in modern construction can sustain significant water damage during hurricanes. If building components such as ceiling tiles, fiberglass insulation, or other cellulose materials have been saturated, they must be removed and replaced. Materials such as sheetrock can be retained in place if they are thoroughly dried within 24 hours, but should otherwise be removed so that the areas around them can be effectively dried.

Keep in mind that all wet electrical wiring should be considered a serious safety hazard and may require an inspection by a qualified electrician. It’s also important to note that extensive flooding can cause structural damage to homes, which may require an additional inspection.

Mold Removal

If water is allowed to linger in the home for more than a day or two, Florida’s hot, humid weather can quickly lead to mold growth. This mold can damage personal belongings and even pose serious health risks if it is not thoroughly removed, and effective removal requires specialized equipment and the following of very particular safety procedures. Not all mold is visible, either, which can add an extra challenge to the water damage restoration process.

Always Hire a Professional

If there has been any noticeable hurricane damage Lakeland residents should always call a professional restoration contractor as soon as possible after the storm has subsided. This will avoid the possibility of long-term water damage and help restore the property to a usable state as quickly as possible. It will also help avoid the long-term health repercussions that come along with standing water and mold growth, ensuring the family’s health and the longevity of their home.


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